Is Social Media Awareness Needed In Schools ?

By: Jonathan  N  Bertrand

Founder of The Social Media Awareness Industry  / The Social Networking Effect Movement

The global world is now literally our fingertip, and social media is one factor that has made this possible. Social media offers us the opportunity to connect and interact with people all over the world, it also helps us to inform and get informed about the happenings around us and that is why almost everyone wants to be on social media but it could be more risky than student’s can imagine A negative social media footprint, can greatly impact on a student’s admission status into some selected universities such as Harvard University and the Ivy Leagues. There are lots of brilliant, intelligent and smart students who compete for admission into Harvard and Ivy Leagues School and other elite institution but just a few of them get admitted. Admission offices use different methods to sift applicants and decide on who get admitted and from this context, social media has a significant impact on the student’s admission status it could either help your cause or jeopardize it depending on how you make use of the social media.
It’s now clear that social media provides an authentic and a holistic view of students after a Kapalan Test Prep Survey participated by above 350 college admission officers in the US . School invites students or applicants to engage to join their campus community through the use of their snap chat, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, too many students this could be a marketing strategy and a way to make their dream school a reality but this could be used as a means to monitor the students and learn about them. Also, collages make use of “big data” on the social media search function to select students who are capable of handling universities specific role, they make use of the social media as a screening tool .
Social media is to be used proactively and not for passive reasons in order to make you fully prepare you for searches any day or time by admission offices. Admission as now become highly competitive and social media now give rooms to opportunities that way not in existence before and as such you must be prepared at all time
When seeking for admission into colleges, it is very important to ensure that you present yourself in the best way you can in all areas of your life; application wise and online because your application will inform the admission officers the type of student you have been and you are on the basis of your performance in school but your online activities will inform them whom you truly are; it will inform them of your public personality or image and it will help them determine if the project image of yourself in public fit in with their institutional requirement and when it does not, it could affect your admission status .
The issue regarding the impact of social media is not limited to student’s admission status. It is also important for students to know that social media are also used by many employers to track the public images of eligible workers and as such, presenting yourself in the best you can at all time is very important .
Delving a little into the impact of social media in our world today, you will find out that it also has both negative and positive impacts on our community. Positively, social media as help bring the world together and impacts greatly on our businesses and day to day activities, but it also have negative impacts in our community; many have been robbed of their funds via social media interaction, people are expose to harmful and dangerous site via social media, many children pay more attention to social media than their studies and the more social media continues to increase in our world, so do many security risks that are connected with them continues to increase; they have become the main focus and target of hackers .

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