Company overview

Pioneering “Social Media Awareness” through a curriculum using a broad overview of Social Media and how it applies to everyday life. Major theoretical perspectives and concepts are addressed, including sociological imagination, culture impact of social media, deviance, inequality when social status is applied, social media change, and social structure and laws. Students will also explore the influence of social media, social media businesses, and their purposes, while gaining an understanding of how these intuitions impact, churches, education, healthcare, government, economy, the environment, and other aspects of daily life.  Social media as a social structure is also examined.

Company Vision/Mission Statement 

The primary objective of The Social Networking Effect®  (TSNE) is to bring awareness to the perils of Social Media. The key elements we intend on exploring are listed above. We are currently building a platform to introduce these components to the Educational system and to the Business World via a curriculum and certification program. This venture will be challenging, and will require a great amount of research as Social Media affects EVERYONE.

We achieved our success because of how successfully we integrate with our clients. One complaint many people have about consultants is that they can be disruptive. Employees fear outside consultants coming in and destroying the workflow. Our clients face no such issues.

Reasons Why We're Pioneering

  1. Pioneering The Social Media Awareness Industry – Trademark Filed for The Social Networking Effect and Trademark In Registration  Process for ” Social Media Dependency Disorder  ” ( Education and Media )
  1. Created A Theory – The Triple Conscious Theory ( Document Attached ) proves the whole movement. Due to the mental impact it causes and that is stated in the document and view-able on my website listed as well.

3.Mental Health – Speaking about the impacts of social media on the youth and the importance of the movement. My foundation is pioneering this movement and with results from other professionals such as Miss Walker to validate  the need for my efforts on a mass scale as heard in my interview  and what we look to accomplish once backing is secured. We look to start national social media awareness campaigns on behalf of my foundation and more with the help of speaking tours and private/public  funding and partnerships from institutions and corporations.

4.Education -Spoken with Elementary school,Evans High schools, Life Center Academy ( Private School ) Eatonville Fl and adding my college for Official Sponsored Events Florida A & M University.

5.Google Grant ( Reaching 2.5 million  impressions/ 58,000 interactions +  in 8 months of receiving the grant ) $87,000 Spent by this grant to promote social media awareness .

6.Through The Social Networking Effect Campaign and raising $20,000+ using social media and 500+ shirt sales to fund the movement from December 13th 2014  to current date.

  1. I have  hosted  2 Seminars (Discussion Based)   with hopes of adding 15 more once i become a vendor in Charlotte North Carolina for their school district to speak on my movement in 2017.
  2. Speaking at The National Council Of Behavioral Health in Seattle Washington to introduce Social Media Awareness here in the United States. Panlist and Presenter   April 1-6th 2017

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